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Onboard battery charger

Hi, Capt Steve and fellow PK owners! I have a Bass series TX175 FF and would like to know the preferred location for mounting a 2 bank battery charger. The stern area seems a little crowded with the fuel tank, two batteries and bilge pump. Any suggestions? I have read owners' forums of other brands of aluminum boats mount it to the deck lid ( underside, upside down) which seemed a little unsafe to me. Thanks guys!


  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    Check out this site:   ( they put it on the transom )

    I have a BassTracker and mine is mounted on the starbd side in the bat. compartment.
    I recently got a 2004 PK 165 deepV and the bat. area is semi-open to the forward areas;
    in this boat I put in on the plywood divider in the front of the bat. area.

  • slenglishslenglish Posts: 2Member
    Mine is under rear seat next to the batteries...I have a 90hp ETEC Jet on my boat and I just had a Voltage Sensitive Relay installed to keep both the starting  battery and the accessory battery charged while the boat is running
  • vdoperalvdoperal Posts: 1Member
    I have a Dakota 17' WT.  I was able to mount my onboard charger inside and near the front of the port-side rear storage compartment.  I also have my deep cell battery in the same compartment but there was still plenty of room for the charger.  I chose this location because all of the wiring and the charging chords end up inside the compartment and not exposed to the elements.  When storing the boat, I simply lift the lid to the compartment find the AC plug and connect it in to household outlet .  Also, I have both batteries wired with an isolator to the main motor so that my deep cell will charge when I am out and running on the water but my accessory deep cell will not draw down the main motor starter battery. 
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