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1963 Fifteen Foot Runabout???

Hi, New Friends,


I'm in San Antonio, TX, brand new to the club  & this is my first post.

FYI, I'm buying a 1963 Polar Kraft "tin runabout" (ski-boat) to restore and power with a 1963 OMC 40HP BigTwin.

Do any of you have GOOD PHOTOS or (preferably) a 1963 factory brochure that shows what the exterior & interior design originally was?

(The little runabout was "remuddled" at some time in the last half-century & was "bass-boatardized" at least once.)

"Miss Traci", the local "boat upholstery lady here, says that she can duplicate the interior IF she has a GOOD photo(s).


yours, "Tex"/satx78247


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    @satx78247 ... sorry to say that there was a huge archive lost when PK was moved from Memphis area to Syracuse, Indiana. None of this historical info is available at factory. Maybe someone here has something that will work for you.
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