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Bow mount sonar wiring

offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
I have a PK 2004 165 SC.  Had it for 6 months.  I finally got around to swapping bow mounted sonars with my other boat.  Previous owner had the power coming off the trolling motor connectors.  To get the job done I just connected mine to the same spots.  

My question is:   There seems to be a spare unused wire harness right there under the bow deck right next to the  trolling motor receptacle wiring.  Its wires are orange (maybe faded red)  and black.  There is a similar wiring harness white and black that is connected to the bow light.   I don't know if there was originally something connected to the "spare" wiring or if I can just get a matching connector and have the whole sonar wiring dis-connectable ????   (   The previous has modified the gauges too [  see my gauges on the post about gauges ]  so I still don't know if there might be something he disconnected  that was originally there ??  )  In the picture it looks pretty white not orange but that's just the sunlight on it.


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    Hey's the Polar Kraft wiring matrix, and the response from Alan in Polar Kraft Customer Support: 

    Unfortunately, when you buy a used boat, you may not know what modifications the previous owner has made. A simple multi-meter can be a great help in identifying these wires in question.

    I know the white and black wires connected to the bow light, go to the horn. Leave those alone. Whatever you hook into, make sure that it has the proper amp fuse or circuit breaker as recommended by the sonar manufacturer.

  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    edited October 2013
    Thanks, CS.   That will come in handy.  My horn is actually physically located in the forward wall of the steering console - possibly put there by former owner.  And it still doesn't work although I haven't worried about it I have been thinking about it.   Comments from Allen will help me nail this issue down.  Yes, I have my fuse in my sonar circuit. 

    Hey,  I just noticed that was you doing the PK walk-through on the promotional video on the site.     
      Nicely done!!  Don
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    Hah....thanks Don!
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