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Value of used 2012 175TX with Yamaha 70 **** 4 stroke

TWMDTWMD Posts: 2Member
Looking at a used 2012 Polar Kraft 175TX bass series aluminium boat with a 2013 Yamaha 70 HP 4 stroke for $10k. Sounds good BUT standard Lowrance X-4 fish finder mounted on dash board is missing. Previous owner had a bow mounted fish finder but left only the 1/2" wire hole and two mounting screw holes. Transom mounted sensor is also missing but left the below water line mounting screw holes. Center seat is badly worn/discloured  from having been left in the down position with the back rubbing on the seat. Missing one switch cover in the switch array next to the driver seat. Package includes a cheaper EZ Load galvi trailer, not the PK trailer originally sold with the boat.

Any thoughts on value?  


  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    edited October 2013
    There aren't too many PK members on this forum yet so I'm betting you won't get many responses.  I'm no expert but that price is tempting.  The boat is almost new/ motor almost new and a great match for the boat.  The price is really reasonable -  any problems noted by the owner ?   The fish finder is easily resolved in the savings on the boat.  Don't know what problems the trailer might present - how much wear & tear do you anticipate in your fishing future ( distance from home, frequency, etc. )?  Have you actually seen this boat ?   Any problems in the underside/hull ( hung up on a shoal ? )?   Likewise the motor - any physical damage evident ?    Prop OK ?   I would want to water-test this boat/motor.  Get the owner ( or you) to fill those fish finder holes with silicone and take this thing for a ride   (see how that trailer feels on the road ).   You sound like you have some experience with boats but it always helps to take a really experienced friend to help notice things that you might not in your enthusiasm for a good find.   Check for leaks,  gas issues,  is it peeing, trouble starting, does it have a tach ( what RpM at wide open throttle ? & hole shot performance )   ,  and the list goes on.  If you're not familiar with some of these issues you might try to familiarize yourself with google searches just to get a feel for issues and answers.      Your concerns about the shortcomings might be the simple answer to why the price is so reasonable and thus a good buy   or you might find more issues that are not currently evident.     GOOD LUCK.
  • TWMDTWMD Posts: 2Member
    Thanks. Bought the boat. Both boat and engine are "new" but had been used as a demo boat for the dealer. They used it when sponsoring or participating in a fishing derby or to show a potential customer what the boat is like. All problems fixed by the dealer. Even included a mooring cover and winterized it. Before purchasing test drove it on a good sized lake. A little cold and choppy due to the season in New England and the wind. Boat did well. Flew over the waves without chining with the wind but slapped the waves against the wind. Am told that is to be expected. Included a 6 year warrantee on the Yamaha 70 HP 4 stroke, 3 years on the boat and a new galvanized EZ Load trailer. Can't wait for April first to put the boat in the water. My wife cautioned that the ice may not be out of the river we live on by April first but I assured her I bought the ice breaker attachment.

  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    edited November 2013
    HEY  !   Score one for the used-boat buyers !!!!  What a great deal .   But how much did that ice breaker attachment set you back ?    And thanks for letting us know how this developed. 
    I like to watch this site for ice-out info on Lake Winnipesaukee.

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