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Just got a 1886se with a 2012 Merc 50hp 4stroke, not a bigfoot.  The prop is bad and I need a replacement I was told to get a 10.125 x 15.  Has anyone got a similar set up and anything other than the factory merc prop?  I don't have a tac to check the WOT rpm's.  I am not really looking for anything special, hole shot or max speed, just a general use prop that will allow the engine to perform up to its capabilities without too low WOT rpm's and reduce engine life.



  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    I have a different PK, so no  direct assistance here.  But I am also looking for a better prop so have  been poking around the net for several months to try to find a match to my situation and some real advice.       One good start is Mercury Marine website.  They've done a lot of performance tests and documented it pretty well.   Several motor/boat  combinations are listed here along with mph  m/gal  and tech info including prop specs.

  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    @elkmo... checking with engineers on this.
  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    edited March 2014
    I can't find all the specs on your model,  but it looks like it's listed for 5 persons max. and a 90HP max.

    I assume it's for fishing ?   Do you plan to take long runs (several miles),   how many people (wt.) do you think will be typical,      you say hole shot & high speed are not important to you - do you mind   s l  o  w    t a k e o f f  ( bogging down = poor holeshot) if you have a couple guys with you ?  Depending on your needs a difference of an inch or 2 in pitch may satisfy you better.

    One of my boats is a Tracker Probass 165  which is smaller and I think lighter than yours (I think the specs include   50 HP, 4 person max [ lightweights only]).  on it  I have a 40 Hp Merc 2 stroke - it has a
    10-1/4" x 14" prop which runs nicely.   My PK boat is a deepV so that's like apples/oranges.  My brother in law has a bigger Tracker Probass more like yours with a 50 Hp Merc 2 stroke - I'll try to find out what his prop is.           It's been a while since you posted - I'll bet you already have a new prop in your hands - if you're anything like me you couldn't wait to get started ( my new prop arrived today for the PK - wish me luck - I have a tac and GPS so I can do a good test on the changes).    Let us know how it turns out.

  • elkmoelkmo Posts: 2Member
    Ice finally half thawed on the lake so went out to see how it would do.  I used both a 12x10 aluminum, and a 10.25 x 14 aluminum merc prop.  6 gallons fuel myself and son (330lbs total) with limited extra weight I was able to get 29mph GPS with both props, odd I know.  The 14 pitch took longer to plane as expected.  I have a tach ordered to read RPM's to see where I am at.  Steve I did call CS at PK and they recommened the 10.125 x 15.  CaptSteve...does PK have any performance data with the 1886SE and the 50HP Merc 4S?  CS said they did not.

    Using the Merc Prop selector with as much data I could supply it suggests a 10.625 x 12, which I will confirm once I get my RPM numbers.
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