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Need a copy of the Polar Kraft Owner's Manual? Now you can download it using this link! Kraft Owners' manual.pdf?dl=0

THANKS, Capt. Steve for the Owner's Manual

offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
edited March 2014 in Polar Kraft Boats Forum
This is so much better than the boating brochure that came with my 2004 PK.     Actually interesting reading....   I like the care of vinyl info.
What is the ABS panels they mention ??   Is that all the vertical plastic walls bulkheads ??  Good maintenance info.   Maiint. mentions Zinc Anodes - is that the ones on the motor or do some PK models actually have hull anodes?                                        
 This should be helpful to owners of older PK;s  when the manuals were pretty lean.
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