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newbie with bait well live well questions

First off I want to say hello.  I just came home with my brand new Kodiak 170 FS.  Dealer couldn't take me out on the water due to really low water levels. I have a couple of questions: First question is about the front bait well.  All of my brochures and youtube videos show a yellow topped bait bucket in there. Mine does not have the bait bucket.  Just a 9.5 gallon well.  Is there supposed to be a bucket here or is that an option I can order?  Next....I have one toggle switch for aerator (off/manual/auto).  Does this automatically fill both wells? Can the front be shut off if not in use?  To drain the wells........if this is toggled to off do they automatically drain?  Owners manual says nothing pertaining to this. Thanks in advance.



  • pwrjnkypwrjnky Posts: 5Member

    also.......there are the 2 accessory toggles.  I still haven't found what these turn on or off.  Ideas?

  • pwrjnkypwrjnky Posts: 5Member
    Just got back from the dealer.  My boat must have been shipped without the bait bucket.  One is on the way.  I was also missing the drain plugs so dealer gave them to me.  Does not have the flo rite system.  found out the 2 accessory switches are just for add on items.  Found out that the bait well up front and the live well in the rear work off the one switch, but either can be shut off via the valve in the tanks.  Still trying to figure out the toggle though.  If I put it on manual, the pump runs just fine.  Assuming this is the way I would initially fill the tank.  I switch it to auto and nothing happens.  I figure this switch must be on some sort of timer to turn on and off so I left it on for about 5 minutes and still nothing happened.  Am I missing something?
  • pwrjnkypwrjnky Posts: 5Member
    according to Alan at polar kraft, those timers can be set anywhere from 10-20 minutes.  I checked behind the switches to make sure the little red timer cylinder was there and it was.  I left it on auto for 30 minutes and nothing happened.  Looks like it's time to go back to the dealer. makes me mad though since I brought it home 2 days ago!
  • RichardESRichardES Posts: 10Member

    You seem to answer your own questions, much like me.

    Look at my posts on the Switches On Cockpit thread. My Kodiac 165SC has 1 livewell.  My Auto function cycles every 3 to 5 minutes. Never paid much attention to it. But thanks for the timer tip, will go 'see' mine in a bit.

    My 1 acc switch powers the add-on fish finder. Took me a bit to figure out why the finder power button wasn't working.

    2007 Polar Kraft Kodiac V165SC w/ 2006 50 hp Evinrude E-Tec
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