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Kicker Motor Shaft Length

BuckBuck Posts: 4Member

   Am going to add a kicker motor to the FS169 and want to know recommended motor size in HP and the shaft length if the kicker motor is off on the Port side. The transom measures 22" halfway between the gunnel and the 90hp out board. When the boat is in the water, the water line for trolling is about 12" down from the transom. Given these values will a 15", 20" or 25" shaft length be recommended?



  • arcticlifearcticlife Ottawa Ontario CanadaPosts: 35Member ✭✭
    Hi Buck - I'm not an expert but I would personally aim for a 20" shaft - I think that a 25" would drag and a 15" short shaft might blow out - I've had a 20" on transoms that were up to 25" and it worked out well for me.
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