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My possessed 2007 V165SC

RichardESRichardES Posts: 10Member

Like the new format and increased interest in Polar Krafts. But I think my previous threads were lost in the transition. I was going to refer to them in this post, but won't since they were somewhat long.  Anyway....

Had to change marina service due to previous getting out of the Evinrude business. New guy used the dead man's swich to kill the motor instead of using the key. Battery went dead. After charging it, started to check all items, found the bow running light didn't work. (Factoid: newer Battery Tenders won't provide 12v power like the older models do!) I checked the bulb, the light post wiring, the deck socket wiring, the switch works, the bow light pole works in stern socket!  Over 3 days I've disconnected/reconected all this stuff at least 4 times with no luck. So this a.m. I put it all back together... and it works. BUT, the NAV/ANC switch is OFF !!! The ACC switch is off !  The whole assembly is the light post socket & horn. Each has it's own wiring plug, so where are the 12V's coming from?  The only way to turn it OFF is to remove the light post from the deck socket. The socket is sealed from the weather so my first instinct is to leave well alone !

2007 Polar Kraft Kodiac V165SC w/ 2006 50 hp Evinrude E-Tec


  • RichardESRichardES Posts: 10Member
    After reviewing a accy harness print that Capt. Steve sent to one of Offdonzboat posts, I realized that I had plugged the bow post wiring harness into the bow power plug (which is hot all the time) instead of the bow light plug. All is well now!! 
    2007 Polar Kraft Kodiac V165SC w/ 2006 50 hp Evinrude E-Tec
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