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Horn won't sound

offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
I've had my 2004 Kodiak 165SC for only 3 weeks.  One problem I'm trying to fix is that the horn doesn't work.  I'm assuming that the boat came from the factory with the horn.  It is operated by a button to the right of the set of switches on the console.  I've tried the reset - that did nothing.  I've disconnected the actual horn from the button and applied 12v directly to it - it works.  That means either the button is faulty or there is a problem with the power to the button - anything else ???    So I'm asking if anybody has any experience or suggestions on the best approach to correct this.  I guess unscrewing the switch panel is the best means of gaining access to the possible problem area ??

thanks    Don


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    Checking on this for you, Don....
  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    Usually this is the connector (inside the harness) where it connects to the horn. Are you getting power up to that connection point? Then work your way back to the switch. Probably wouldn't hurt to have a can of this close by...

  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    I finally pulled out the switch panel .    turns out the horn switch was bad - replaced with a temp switch I had on hand and it worked like a charm.  Ordered a new one on ebay yesterday.  Looked at the bad one better today and it's easy to take apart - totally  black with carbon .   Cleaned that up nice - looked like new inside - closed it up and it works like a charm.   I guess I'll have a spare on hand.
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