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Replacement Starboard logo decal

BuckBuck Posts: 4Member

  Have been looking online for replacement boat decals for 2007 PolarKraft 169FS. I was on a week long fishing trip and the boat took a beating in a storm and damaged the starboard side decal from dock rub burn. I need just the "kraft" piece, but probably asking too much. The PolarKraft website does not have a place to purchase items for replacement or add on? The boat dealer no longer services the Polar Kraft and do not want to drive five hours for the nearest dealer to shop.
  I would also like to purchase more of the beige carpeting to be used to make a runner to keep the night crawler dirt from being ground into the boat carpeting.
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chippewa Falls


  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    Hey @Buck ... sure, just shoot an email to Alan in PK Customer Support. He should be able to hook you up ( 
  • DSiggy60DSiggy60 Posts: 5Member
    A quick note on decal placement.  I noticed that my side decals were "lifting"- not adhering in all places due to the placement of the rivits.  You may want to cut out the area (small circle) over the rivets so the decal will adhere flush with no chance of water getting behind after you place it back on.
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