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Live Well overflow?

Can anybody tell me where the overflow from the live well is to go?  I can't find any web site or information for that.  I ran mine for some time the other day only to find that it apparently overflowed into the bilge.  I thought it would go outside the boat.  I am wondering if I have a problem or this is what is suppose to happen.  The constant running also got items in two of the storage compartments wet.  [:@]


  • The overflow drain goes from the livewell to the transom outside the boat.  You should not be getting water in your bilge area from the livewell.  I would have your closest Polar Kraft Dealer look at all your hose fittings and the hose going from your livewell to the transom to check for leaks.
  • tcaggie24tcaggie24 Posts: 3Member
    I think we solved the problem.  The problem developed when we were filling the live well with perch.  I was runing the pump occasionally just to keep the water fresh.  We finally determined that one of the smaller perch stopped up the overflow causing the live well to overflow.  I have since put a screen over it to keep the opening clear.  Problem has went away.
  • DSiggy60DSiggy60 Posts: 5Member
    That is funny.  Glad it has not happened to me .....yet..
  • gofishdangofishdan Posts: 3Member
    Glad you resolved it! Did you eat that perch to get him back for causing you some stress:)
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