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Is it a Polar Kraft

Greetings everyone,

I just joined this forum and hope to get lots of knowledge from you all.

I recently bought a 12 foot Jon boat.  It has no decals or logo markings to indicate the manufacturer, but the paperwork I have says it's a 1968 Polar Kraft.  Is there a way to verify?

Thanks in advance~

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  • SouthernAppalSouthernAppal Posts: 6Member
    Of course, how silly not to have posted pics!  I am attaching two.
  • drewtyson1drewtyson1 Lancaster PA USAPosts: 4Member
    I can't verify if it's PK, but it sure looks like it's built like one! Wow, going on 50 years old! Nice.
    Man, let go. Just let go.

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