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Spare Tire

Been rolling the dice for a year now, but just succumbed to common sense and ordered a new spare tire and mounting bracket for the trailer on my PK Classic 160. It's a Trailmaster 160 with swing-away tongue; any suggestions as to best place to mount the spare? I realize it will be a tight fit, just looking for best option from anyone with a similar setup.



  • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Posts: 75Member admin
    @jplayden ... I'm sure someone here can help you. Welcome aboard!
  • TskolTskol Posts: 8Member
    Same boat and trailer. My dealer installed my spare wheel & bracket on the right side of the trailer with the centerline of the bracket 4 inches behind the back side of the first cross member. The spare wheel doesn't protrude out too far and the swing-away tongue tucks in next to it. Looks ok too.
  • offdonzboatoffdonzboat S E PaPosts: 171Member ✭✭
    I have a PK 165sp 2004 and was able to put mine in horizontal

    My brother in law has a BassTracker with a Trailmaster with swing-away tongue.
    He was not able to install his horizontal -  only vertical as described above by Tskol.
    with swing-away tongue
    with swing-away tongue
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